Brief Profile of the firm:

Aajula Pride Enterprise is a new firm dealing in sanitary napkins for women of various size. The products of the firm is made from premium quality virgin materials. The products of the firm are made from using only quality raw materials in the production procedure, which are harmless, eco-friendly and bio-degradable. The Sanitary Napkins of Aajula Pride Enterprise are having following specifications and highlights.

- Our Sanitary Napkin will be with wings sanitary napkins.

- It will have heavy Absorption Capacity with blue Anion Design chip.

- It will have fresh scent that gives a fresh feeling throughout the period.

- Blue Lock Core that locks the wetness and Adsorb the Liquid and turn into a gel Form.

- Stretchable wings that wrap snugly around the panty to keep the pad in place.

- No unaesthetic appearance or color.

- The Napkin in Totally comfortable to wear.

- It will be made up of Complete Hygienic Raw materials.

- The sanitary Napkins is totally Bio-Degradable and composable.

Our Objectives

  • Overall Goal